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The Moderns is a solutions based creative studio that uses strategy and design methodologies based in social equity and environmental innovation. Founded in 1992 by award-winning cultural visionary Janine James, The Moderns was the first company to hoist a flag at the intersection of branding, advertising, and design. We were early pioneers in collaborations with clients from start-ups to corporations establishing brands that support people, planet and commerce for healthier profitability with long term brand loyalty. We continue to create brand communities that are focused on the integration of innovative brand solutions that care for people while focusing on growing market share.

Our interdisciplinary practice incorporates a coterie of specialists from designers, brand strategists, curators, and sociologists who work together to activate our ecologically conscious and solution-based strategies. We are a creative agency that thrives at the intersections of digital and offline human experience.

Under socially conscious philosophy our thought leadership has been a resource for more than 22 years. We are people centered. We Imagine the Next.

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