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Planned Parenthood: Moving Past Polarization

Understanding Planned Parenthood had been focused on verbal-dominant communications, The Moderns helped them create a visually stimulating, provocative and ultimately uniting brand identity and communication strategy. Our strategy was to focus on just “choice” and associate the brand with basic human rights of free will and self-determination. The crafted messages appealed to individuality and humanity of every person, which led Planned Parenthood to become a universally relatable organization. The Moderns used both traditional and non-traditional media to present recognizable and stimulating imagery with the basics of what “choice” and “or” mean to “you.”

Planned Parenthood: Campaign Posters

Planned Parenthood: Campaign Posters

Because when it comes to the burning questions of our times, like Coke or Pepsi, it isn’t the Coke or Pepsi that matters. It’s the OR. An example of The Moderns’ critical thinking to move past
what has traditionally been seen as a fundamental roadblock for the Planned Parenthood brand to open up a dialog that can accommodate any and every point of view for the sake education.


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