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About Us

The Moderns is a certified B Corporation whose creative agency has provided solutions for over two decades in the areas of multidisciplinary design, brand strategy, marketing and communications. We help companies and organizations evolve their brand into cultures by developing integrated solutions that cultivate customer loyalty, generate ideas for sustainable innovations, while remaining holistic in our mission to create campaigns and strategies that benefit the whole community.

Since 1991 we have pioneered the applications of thought leadership and environmental stewardship for our clients and collaborators. Our headquarters is an acclaimed open plan layout, which has been instrumental in bearing creative forums and promoting interaction between scientists, entrepreneurs, ecologists, and designers to produce award winning multidisciplinary work.

We are industry leaders versatile in our field with a fast-paced environment. We apply brand and marketing strategy to a wide range of client deliverables including corporate identity, print collateral, packaging, traditional and non-traditional advertising, websites, exhibitions, and more. We are an agile and visionary firm. Every member of our team wears many hats, and is deeply committed to our collective success.

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We see ourselves at a hive of thought leadership and creativity—we’re solutionists, using design methodologies to solve problems…
— Janine James

The Moderns Space

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